Welcome to RISE

Creativity and imagination, combined with technology and business intelligence has created a new paradigm for the marketing industry

About us

Technology and data has changed marketing communications forever. Unfortunately agencies and the way they work have not adapted to this new world.

Built by former top 10 U.S. media agency leadership and multi-national client talent, we have partnered with global leaders in their respective fields to create a new forward thinking, results driven company where creativity and imagination is fueled by data and new technological advancements.

This unique approach allows us to create solutions in a holistic and integrated way, as opposed to the siloed options offered elsewhere (either under one roof or separately). This is achieved by encompassing traditional communication planning and buying with digital assets and social portals in measurable ways that provide deeper engagement and relevance for the consumer.

What We Do

Our work dictates we understand and follow the consumer not the communication channel - Period, by creating;

  • Bold, data-driven business strategies that drive innovative ideas.
  • Strong behavioral targeting processes and optimization techniques to deliver effective, efficient and accountable communication channels.
  • Online performance guarantees and transparency via the global leader in auditing and verification.
  • Real-time distribution capabilities that facilitate multifaceted and connectable messaging focused against active searchers and hand-raisers, no matter where they join the conversation within the media mix.
  • Advancing and managing conversations that lead audiences, resulting in easier message navigation, greater relevancy, and increased engagement.
  • Consumer initiated interactive video options allowing current creative agency TV spots to be adapted for online interactive use within current buying practices:
    • Providing significant advances over both current TV capabilities and linear/standard pre-roll video buys, by facilitating user engagement and measuring in a more holistic way tactical initiatives.
  • Cutting-edge web portal design, build, inter-connectability and management services.
  • Branded content extensions.

How we do it

We have created individual industry work groups including but not exclusive to Retail, Real Estate, Automotive, Casual Dining/QSR, Pharmaceutical and CPG, headed by high profile experienced account management personnel schooled in agency service and client knowhow over the past 35 years.

This experience, knowledge and guidance allows us to deliver optimal and measurable plans/buys by harnessing and deploying the most effective consumer communication portals to communicate client’s messages and most importantly boost sales.

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